Our Selling Advantage

The Woolcott Selling Advantage

The Woolcott Team is one of the best full-service real estate teams in the Burlington-Hamilton real estate board for a reason: through decades in the business, we have a refined an approach that relies on expertise, specialization and a home selling process suited specifically to your home. 

Not only do you get to work with the industry leaders in your area, but you get an entire team powering your sale. Let us tell you a bit more about what we offer: 

Experience - Consistently the top RE/MAX team when selling a house in Hamilton/Burlington and the top 1% nationwide. 

Specialization - Our team is built to understand and solve client problems with a unique team approach. 

Service - You have the backing of an entire team of market experts, innovators, and industry leaders. 

Pack Before You Call®

We aim to offer the most enjoyable real estate transaction possible, and a guaranteed home sale that suits your bottom line. In that, we recognize that speed is often a significant factor in achieving this.

Efficiency is at the heart of what we do, so we offer a full-service approach to make the selling process seamless. We believe that, at the core of your experience, you should always feel supported.

Everything we do serves that belief, and gets us into a process of selling a house in Hamilton/Burlington for the absolute highest amount.

 “The entire idea of selling your home can be very daunting, but the Woolcott Team had an amazing ability to get us through it. The entire team makes you feel like they are there for you!” - Terry & Faith

The Steps To Selling 

Your Home’s Value - Our team offers a free, no-obligation home evaluation service to help understand your home’s worth in the current market. One of our specialized listing agents will conduct a thorough analysis, either over email or at your front door, to help make the home selling process easier for you. 

Market Knowledge - When you work with the Woolcott Team, you’re gaining access to over 25 years of market knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. Our team is continuously sharing market updates, upcoming listings, potential buyers, to help raise the level of our service and the number of opportunities (and offers) presented to selling clients. 

Marketing Expertise - We know what it takes to attract attention to your home. That is why we have created a comprehensive marketing package that makes your home shine and makes it more noticeable to any potential buyer surveying the market. 

Calling In Support - Have questions or need help with financing, home inspections, legal issues and insurance? We’ve done our research, so that you can worry less, with a fully-vetted list of professionals that we trust to do the job right.

Making The Move - Once we’ve helped you sell, the Woolcott Moving Kit is designed to help. Filled with tips, checklists, and reminds to make the moving process less about what you have to do and more about how to make it easier. We’ll even provide the boxes and supplies to get things started!  

The Woolcott Marketing Advantage 

Our unique system is built to shine a spotlight on your home, and to ensure that if a buyer is out there, we can target them, locate them and to do all that we can to help them fall in love with your property. Here’s how it’s done: 

  • Complimentary staging to help your home stand out 
  • Professional photography and videography services
  • Distinct signs that draw attention 
  • Reaching out to our database of motivated buyers
  • A marketing brochure specific to your home 
  • Presence in our MarketWatch - distributed to 66,000 homes in the region
  • Dedicated print, digital, and social media marketing campaigns 
  • Presence on our site and a multitude of online channels 

We ensure that, no matter where buyers are looking, we can identify them, target them and reach them. Whether that’s with print materials right to their door, or digital marketing campaigns that find them online. We have a nuanced approach that sells your home in the shortest time possible.

The Woolcott Team has partnered with Air Miles Reward Program to help our clients get more from when they sell. This way, getting miles is easier when selling a house in Hamilton/Burlington. Learn more by clicking here.

Ready To Sell? 

Interested in getting started? If you have any questions, we have an on-duty agent ready to take your calls, questions or concerns. 

Ready To Sell?

Interested in getting started? If you have any questions, we have an on-duty agent ready to take your calls, qeustions, or concernts.

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